(pictures via Gochemoche on Etsy)

seller Gochemoche has some of the coolest Japanese-inspired hair pieces and boutonnieres that I couldn’t wait to share. I was catching up on my blog reads since being back from vacation, when I came across this real wedding featured by Perfect Bound, one of my favorite daily reads! I was scanning through, attempting to catch up on my 700 (yes, 700!) new posts, and this picture of their custom bouts caught my eye. I checked out the etsy site, and Gochemoche offers so many fun and customizable pieces from bouts to broaches, ponytail holders, and hair pins! Everything is handmade, and made from authentic materials. I must have one, so I’ll post pics when I get mine—I haven’t even picked from all of the amazing choices yet! These would be absolutely adorable for your ‘maids hair, or as a cute gift for your gals!