(photo copyright Kelly Powers Photography)

When it comes to choosing your vendors, there are few pieces of advice more important than this: Choose vendors who you can enjoy spending the day with! If you don’t care for them during your initial meeting, chances are, you won’t enjoy them sharing your big day with you. No where is this more true, than with a photographer, with whom you will spend more time than the majority of your other vendors. It is so important to find someone you are comfortable with, and who you will enjoy spending this special day with!

Last week I met up with Kelly Powers to talk weddings, and get to know her and her work. I’ve admired her work via her web site, but was very excited to meet her in person and get to know her! I simply can’t say enough about what a sweet and wonderful person Kelly is. She took me out for a shoot around the city, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much fun getting my picture taken! I can’t wait to see the results later this week!

Kelly does amazing work, which I truly believe comes from the kindness of her spirit, and the connection she forms with her clients. If you’re looking for a photographer, check her out—you will not be disappointed!