(A Wedding For Alex)

If you haven’t heard about Alex’s lemonade Stand, you are missing out on such an amazing cause! I first heard about Alex when I did a Google image search for “Lemonade Stand” (for a wedding project). What I found was an endless list of pictures of lemonade stands dedicated to this wonderful cause. Alex’s Lemonade Stand was started by a little girl with cancer. She didn’t live to see her ninth birthday, but in her short time, she managed to raise over $1 million towards the fight against cancer—I’ve lived almost 3 times longer and can’t even begin to think of how much she accomplished in such a short time!

Now, the charity lives on, and people continue to raise money in the name of Alex and her Lemonade Stand. Now, as a bride, you have a chance to make your dreams come true, while also helping this amazing cause. Omni Hotel at Independence Park has put together a wedding package to rival all wedding packages. For $20,000 (or more) you can bid on this amazing dream wedding on EBay, and have a five star wedding fit for royalty. You’ll get a wedding for 135 guests at the Omni, a couture gown, a honeymoon to Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa (my husband and I honeymooned here, and it is AMAZING!)…you also get a rehearsal dinner, and so much more! Check out the website for full details on all that’s included (jewelry, hair, cake, photo, video and entertainment, and more!) Bidding begins today, and runs through June 7th! Bid Now!