(all images via Green Carat)

I am absolutely in love with Green Carat (also known as Green Karat)! The site offers rings and other jewelry pieces made from recycled gold, titanium, and gem stones. They have a ton of information on how mining and other jewelry practices impact the environment (and people involved with it) and how you can help.  Also, I love that each of their pieces is so unique, and each offers a short snippet of information about its meaning. They have an especially fabulous selection of men’s rings, if you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding bands!

Also, check out the Green Carat Registry. No, you’re not registering for jewelry…well, not exactly! You can setup a registry that will let your friends and family donate their old gold jewelry (think dad’s old high school ring and mom’s gold necklace) which will be used to make YOUR custom wedding jewelry! Also, the donations are used to offset the cost of your pieces. Such a great idea, and a fabulous way to keep a part of your friends and family with you! If you’re not in the market for a new ring, pass this along–I love finding companies that have a sense of responsibility, and produce unique products!

Personally, I’d have to get the Binary ring (on the right, 3rd down) which actually spells out your own message in binary (computer language)—for my computer loving, website programming hubby!