I didn’t have a wedding this weekend—but the weekend was still filled with brides and planning regardless! I had a meeting with Tracey at Foundry Hall in South Haven to go over decor details for her reception setup for her wedding July 11th. The Foundry is such an awesome urban location, and I love how versatile the space is. So we spent a few hours going over how we would work the lighting in the room, played around with a gobo projector, and came up with a complete decor plan the space, so it will be exactly what Tracy+David are hoping for! The best part…we discovered the ceilings are covered in orange and pink christmas lights, which happen to be Tracy’s colors—how perfect!

Later in the day my father in law came down to visit for the afternoon, and we headed downtown for a late lunch at Shu’s downtown. As we were heading into the restaurant I ran into Kate+Mitch (plus her mom and his parents) enjoying a Shu’s lunch after a little of their own wedding planning that day! I haven’t seen Kate in person since our consultation (Kate+Mitch live in Chicago) so it was so fun to bump into them and hear about the band-scoping they had done that weekend! Their wedding isn’t until June 2009, but I’m already excited, because I know it will be fabulous, and they have been great to work with so far!

Even later that day, I got an email from bride Kelly, confirming a centerpiece proposal I had sent—-so we are all set on that, and I will get to hit the floor running this week to get decor ordered! I love it when weekends are uber-productive! Plus, it was fun to get to see & talk to so many of my clients this weekend—I am so lucky to get to work with such a sweet and fun group of brides in 08/09, and I count myself truly lucky to have such a great group of clients!