(Actual Lake Michigan “Snow fence” via Flickr)

I shared this information with a prospective client today, and realized it would be useful to anyone planning a beach wedding….

One thing many people don’t know (especially if you’re not near the lake year round) is that the beach is not always the lovely, pristine gem it is in the summer. In the winter, massive waves roll in (it’s incredible to see) causing an amazing amount of erosion on the beaches. To help curb this, “snow fence” is put up along many city and county beaches. Snow fence is a wood and wire fencing combo that is placed along the length of the beach at different intervals.

Okay, so now you’re thinking, “Get to the point Jessica, I don’t care about snow fence!” Well, if you’re planning a beach wedding, it’s something you’ll want to consider! Even though those snowfalls and waves don’t roll in until late November(knock on wood!), snow fencing gets installed as early as mid-September on many city and county beaches. Mid September! I think this is total overkill on the part of those parks people, but they’re not listening to my vote on it these days! So if you’re planning a beach wedding after the first of September, I would advise you to contact the city or county who governs your beach (if it’s public) to check on the status of snow fences. Not all beaches put it up, and your local parks department should be able to give you the 411 on which beaches will be picture-friendly after September!

Happy 4th of July!