Our wedding this weekend was on Friday, so our work took place Thursday night to start the decor setup for Tracy+David’s wedding reception at Foundry Hall in South Haven. Because the hall was (of many things) a restored foundry (surprise, surprise!) the interior is very industrial, and Tracy was very concerned about making it a colorful and elegant wedding venue. I met up with Tracy a few weeks ago, we brainstormed, and we came up with a great design scheme to pull together hot pink+orange fete!

Thursday night we spent about 6 hours hanging giant paper lanterns in the buildings high ceilings, setting up some beautiful place settings, and making the tables look fabulous with accents of pink+orange and even some crystal trees! It was quite a night, but I have to say, we all left there knowing it was going to be one amazing wedding! Plus, Tracy+David (and the entire family and bridal party) came by to check out the final result, and all were ecstatic! I am always so happy when a bride sees the decor design come to life and is thrilled (especially on one like this where I threw out some ideas and she let me run with it!) Above is the (best I could do) before pics—I absolutely can’t wait to see the fabulous detail pics from JK Photography,  to show you what we did with this space! I’ll post them as soon as I get them!