(photos-Etsytucci paper co.)

In the midst of wedding season, it’s easy to forget all the other great parties to plan! The weather is beautiful, grills are fired up, drinks are flowing…it’s the perfect time to throw a party (with or without a reason)! So, in honor of party season (for those of us in the midwest who don’t have this beautiful weather year-long), we’ll have a short mini-series dedicated to throwing a fabulous summer soiree!

First, you need the guests! Don’t just send out a cookie-cutter invite…we’ve all gotten the “You’re Invited” invite before…it serves it’s purpose, but it certainly doesn’t get me excited to “get the party started.” To start it off right and set the fun tone for your shin-dig, check out these cute invites from etsy seller tucci paper co.  I love the phrases on them like “see food party,” “let’s get jiggy,” and “party like a rockstar” (my personal favorite)! Check out the site for many more, plus some ultra-cute wedding and shower invites, too!

Next time:Part 2:Fabulous food!