(photo courtesy Terry Johnston-GR Flikr)

I worked a wedding with Leda of LVL Photography back in May, and she is such a fun and energetic person! She’s currently located in Cedar Springs, Michigan, but she’s a Southwest Michigan native, and you can find her here all summer shooting weddings. Here’s a little Q+A to get to know Leda!

How would you describe your style?
Fun. Real. Natural. I love capturing life as it happens.

How did you get into photography?
I can blame it all on two of my favorite guys. My dad and my son. Photography gave my dad and I a common interest when I was a kid, and it was also a way for him to challenge me and my eye. I took a break during college, got married, then our son was born. Tyler re-inspired me.  No training, just many hours of trial and error. The best part of photography is the learning is never over. Oh, wait…I do have training. I have a college degree in sales and advertising and many years of experience with customer service. *giggle*

What is your favorite moment during a wedding? Do you have a favorite image to capture?
I love the uniqueness of every wedding. There is always a favorite capture, but never the same one. I LOVE details. All the planning and creativity of each bride’s vision. I also love the romance and goofiest of wedding parties. That first meet, the “almost” kiss, a tender touch, and glances across the reception location.

What inspires your photography?
The search for something new, different, unique. I shoot because I love the capture. I’ll never forget my first “walk” around MSU’s campus looking at architecture as a subject and learning about long exposures downtown Grand Rapids. What it truly comes down to is I am inspired by my friends and family. They are a priceless tool to success.

What do you love about wedding photography?
I get to experience months of personal touches that go into every wedding. I love the locations, the details, first looks, incredible families, fabulous bridal parties, and the unexpected moments as the day flows. Seriously, what better “job” could I have? I get to spend the first most important day of a couples life with them! Would this also be the area where I can admit that weddings are a great means of exercise? *giggles*

What are you doing when you’re not snapping wedding pics?
I am spending time with my family. Playing with my kids, road trips, days at the lake, and projects around the house.  I love date nights with my husband, girls night out, and kicking back with a movie and ice cream at home.

Thanks Leda, for starting off Photography week! I’ve got to give a huge “Thanks!” to the photographers we get to feature this week! Stay tuned later today for Leda’s beautiful photo feature!