(Tim Holte via photo.net)

I always tell brides that one of the vendors they’ll remember most will be their photographers! You’ll be looking at the pictures they snapped for the rest of your life, and you’ll spend an entire (emotional) day with them. They’ll get to see you at your most excited, possibly most nervous and most beautiful! If the person making your cake has an obnoxious sense of humor, you may never know…but you’ll definitely be interacting with your photographer, so pick someone you’ll be comfortable with! You want someone who you can consider a “friend” for the day, as you invite them into your personal moments!

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you have some sort of connection with your photographer. Not neccessarily an “instant best friend” connection—but at the least, you should be able to talk with them, spend time with them, and tell them what you want without problems. Your photographer should show interest in your wedding, be willing to listen, and have a general excitement about helping you with your day.

Don’t be afraid to shop around—there are photographers out there with every style and personality you can imagine! First, find photographers who take images you love!  Start out by talking to friends and family who were recently married—how did they feel about their photographer? Do you like the pictures? Check out websites, blogs, The Knot or your local wedding planner to compile some possibilities. Once you’ve found some photographers who fit your style, set up meetings and get to know them—after spending a whole day with them, you’ll be glad you picked someone you’ll mesh with!