It’s the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for! Well, I’ve been waiting for it, and I am so excited to welcome our 2009 Event Assistant, Beth George! Beth will be assisting with our full-service 2009 weddings along the lake shore and I am so excited to have her join Stella Event Design. She’s dynamic, energetic and so driven, and she will be one more way we offer our clients amazing service on their special day!

Beth is a Southwest Michigan native, and currently lives in Grand Rapids. She’ll be working with us to assist with events from New Buffalo to Grand Haven, and will also be a great point-of-contact and resource for our brides further North along the lake shore! Here’s a quick Q+A to get to know her!

What is your favorite aspect of weddings?
I find that what I become most excited about when attending weddings is how all of the aspects of the wedding are brought together through the use of color, shapes, accents, style, etc.  I am a very visual person and I am constantly looking for individuality from wedding to wedding.  However, just being able to be a part of such a extraordinary event is always very special to me.

What are your favorite wedding websites or blogs?
When I was engaged I found that The Knot was a great site to get information and ideas.  It also sent me reminders about things when I was preparing for my own wedding which would just enhance my excitement for my special day!  Brides.com is a new site to me, but I enjoyed the wedding tips and cake blog!  However, it wasn’t until I visited the Stella Event Design website that I experienced wedding blogs and realized how helpful they truly were! (Sidenote from Jessica: I swear I didn’t bribe her! Thanks for the love, and soon you’ll be addicted to so many more wonderful wedding blogs! )

What are you most excited about for 2009 wedding season?
I am so looking forward to meeting new brides and partnering with them to make their wedding day memorable.  I believe there are few pivotal moments in a person’s life, one of them being the day that they marry their best friend.  I look forward to being able to offer my skills and abilities to the families who I will be working with in 2009.  Personally, I am just excited for the season in general.  Weddings are a special time when friends and family have an opportunity to come together and enjoy each other!  This will be a tremendous thing for me to experience people in their true element!

If you could have a whole wedding cake (just for you) what is your dream flavor?
As much as I would like to seem as if I have somewhat expensive taste, for me it doesn’t get much better than a store bought confetti cake with white frosting!  Although, I had a wonderful 4 layer cake at my wedding and I did enjoy the strawberry flavor!

Beth will be assisting with the remainder of our 2008 weddings and will be coming on full-time in 2009! I am so excited to have her join Stella Event Design—Welcome Beth!