We all know that wedding costs can add up quickly. Between the catering, beverage service, linen rentals and bridal party gifts, you can charge up a big bill—and if you’re not prepared for it, the total costs could come as quite a shock!

One of the first things I do with my clients is make a detailed budget. While you may have things that arise later in planning, this will give you a blueprint to your overall spending. Sit down with your fiance and come up with a detailed list of wedding-related expenses.  Several sites, such as The Knot offer budget calculators that can help!

Tip: Make sure you don’t forget to budget in sufficient funds to cover tips, gratuity and other miscellaneous charges. If your caterer charges 20% gratuity (which isn’t out of the norm) plus state sales tax, you can be looking at several thousand dollars—so budget that amoutn in, and don’t let it come as a surprise on the final bill!