Do you see each other before the wedding or not? It’s completely up to each couple, but more and more brides and grooms are opting to see each other beforehand, so they can get some of those millions of pictures out of the way and give themselves more time. If you’re not seeing each other (which many people still do!) I think this is just the gosh darn cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! The “almost” meeting before the wedding…

This gorgeous picture was captured at a recent wedding by the very talented Jen of JK Photography. The couple didn’t see each other before the ceremony, but stood on each side of the door and held hands to snap this fabulous shot! I love it. Check out Jen’s blog for more amazing pictures from this wedding—it’s absolutely amazing!

On a quick side note, I have to apologize for my absence from blogging (for over a week!) but we have 2 big weddings coming up and lots of 2009 consultations, so life has been crazy! Not to mention our full-service 2009 weddings are getting into full swing! I promise to (try to) be better!