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I was reading through a blog over the weekend (yes, StillMotionagain!) and a shot of the brides’ dresses caught my eye. YES, I said dresses—not two, but THREE amazing gowns! I did a double take—and then thought, “the more, the merrier!”

Wedding after wedding I never fail to be amazed by the gorgeous, gorgeous dresses my brides have chosen! I’ve seen hand-beaded marvels, simple styles, stunning strapless gowns, and splashes of color—but I have yet to have a double-dress bride! Perhaps 2009 will be the year!

Are you a double-dress bride? A triple dress bride? Will you be sporting a formal gown for your ceremony and pictures, and then slipping into a sassy cocktail dress to dance the night away in?!

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  • I was a two-dress bride. I had purchased my first gown, and then had doubts, so purchased a sleek JCrew gown to change into at the reception. It was this glorious silk fabric (it was style Vivian) and I loved it. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I loved my ballgown. I ended up selling the sleek gown and kept to the original plan.

    If I had a killer pair of legs, I would have totally donned a short, sassy gown for the dancing portion of the evening! Or at least the getaway 🙂

    Great post, Jessica.

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