Outdoor weddings are some of my favorites–but with the beautiful outdoors also comes a certain expected level of uncertainty—you just can’t control mother nature! (but you can prepare for her!)

The picture above is Rocky Gap Beach. It’s a quaint little beach perfect for weddings because it’s a little off the beaten path and much quieter than the local city beaches (so you won’t have someone in a bikini in the background of your ceremony pics). It’s also more natural with no manmade facilities, making for gorgeous photos. This is also the cute little beach where my next full-service couple, Kelly+Russ, will be saying ‘I do’ next weekend! Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture yesterday in our local paper!

The accompanying article explained that local beaches were overrun with debris after last weekends monsoon of rain! (for those of you not local, we received about 11 inches of rain in a non-stop rush from friday-sunday).  As you can imagine, I had to get to that beach immediately to assess the damage! On my way, I was running through my schedule in my head, figuring I’d be raking up junk a couple hours a night next week in preparation, and thinking about how we could angle the setup to avoid debris showing up in pictures!

Imagine my surprise when I arrive at my lovely little beach, and find it to be spotless! It’s just a few miles down from the beach shown in the article, but seems to have weathered the storm without a scratch! So, I have to give a little ‘thanks’ to the wedding angels today—because my week was very close to becoming a lot more exciting!

Stay tuned next week for more on Kelly+Russ’ upcoming nuptials—I’m so excited about this wedding, and it is going to be amazing, with SO MANY personal touches!