(Mr+Mrs Pennington, Est. October 6, 2007)

I don’t normally post much information here on my personal life outside of wedding planning, but today we will bend the rules a bit (plus it’s wedding related!)

It’s official, today is my one year wedding anniversary! Brides-to-be should believe people when they tell you that the time will fly! We celebrated over the weekend with a wonderful mini-vacation and this week we are busy busy busy as we prepare to move next weekend! Or, should I say, as I prepare for Megan+Scott’s wedding on Saturday while my husband prepares to move us! What a good sport he is! Stella Event Design would not be possible without his love and support as I run around here like a crazy lady, doing what I love! So, today is my official Thank You to the hubby for putting up with his crazy wedding planning wife for a full 365 days!

Oh, and my very fabulous wedding present is a tiny Flip Video Mino, which takes up to 60 minutes of video, and snaps right into your computer to upload videos! I tried it out this weekend, and it’s amazing, so expect videos to come to the Stella Blog soon!

Also, posting will be light this week as we pack up the office and move out! I can’t wait until Saturday when the beautiful wedding of Megan+Scott takes place at the oh-so-adorable Morris Farms in Niles! Their historic meeting house is too cute for words, and is going to be a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony, so stay tuned!

*Photo copyright Ben Pancoast Photography