(photo by Ben Pancoast Photography)

Recently, I made a stop at my favorite jeweler to have my rings inspected and cleaned. I try to do this at least every 6 months, which is required to keep my insurance up to date. But, truth be told, I get it cleaned just about every time I’m in the area because I love to see that rock shine!

However, it seems that while I am incessant about cleaning it, I’m not taking the best care of it, and my jeweler gave me a good old fashioned lecture.  I was surprised by what I learned, and wanted to pass it on to all you gals sporting shiny new rings!

First, she was none too happy that I had not soldered my rings together. I’ve always intended to, but it was just something I never got around to, and I got used to them twisting and sliding around on my finger. However, I was told this is actually horrible for my ring, and not only scratches the rings finish but can also weaken the structure that holds your diamonds. In my case, I found out the bridge underneath my middle stone was cracked, and I probably would have lost my middle stone very soon!

Looking back, I would have soldered my ring before the wedding—trust me, once you tie the knot you won’t want to take that ring off! Instead, I’m stuck without my rings for a whole week while they get a shiny new finish, a fix-job on the cracked bridge, and they solder my pair together! Don’t get me wrong–it’s not all bad—those rings are going to look brand new when they get back on my hot little hand!

{Fast Forward: I got my rings back and they look AMAZING! And it’s so nice to not be twisting them around all day to re-align them! I was pretty OCD about lining up my rings, so I figure I’ve gained at least 40 minutes of extra time each day—maybe a little extra blogging with all that free time?}