remembering loved ones at your wedding

(photo by Scarlett Lillian)

Recently, I was contacted by a bride who wanted to honor her mother at her wedding. Her mother passed away when she was very young, and she was raised by her stepmother, so she wanted a way to honor her mother that would be meaningful but subtle. In the past, this has been done in a number of ways—a special note in the program, an altar arrangement dedicated to a loved relative, or using a special belonging of theirs, such as a handkerchief or piece of jewelry.

One of my favorite ways to honor a loved one at the wedding is pictured above. Lockets are filled with the pictures of loved ones and are tied into your bouquet handle.  It’s classy, subtle, and very personal. Have you seen any other creative ways to honor a loved one who has passed?

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  • Jessica Lynn says:

    Hey Jess! I actually did a “memory candle” that was a large round 3 wick candle that i bought from wal mart for $6. We put it in a hurricane vase that I bought from target for $14. We put it opposite the unity candle at the church service (unity candle was on the right side of the altar and memory was on the left)and had it lit before the chruch service/ceremony started. one wick represented my Daddy (whom had passed away 3 months before our wedding) one represented his set of grandparents, and the other represented mine. It was perfect. They flames let us know that they were there in spirit (and I noted what the candle represented in the programs, too), but it didn’t deter from the overall focus of the day…which was supposed to be our marriage!

  • What a lovely idea, Jessica! I love what it represents, and that it was a beautiful and quiet reminder during your special day:-)

  • A locket on the bride’s bouquet is a wonderful idea, Jessica! Thanks for sharing.

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