(photo by Jessica Claire)

When you’re flipping through the endless bridal magazines out there, it’s easy to get sucked into all of the glossy pics and think your wedding has to be a mirror image.  To make your wedding beatutiful and unique, keep a few things in mind when looking for ideas for your big day.

Use Elements
When you find a picture you like, decide what element makes it so appealing. If it’s a beautiful bouquet you’re gazing at, what makes that bouquet stand out? Is it the structure of the arrangement? The use of a single bloom? The combination of colors? The unique handle wrapping? Even if that bouquet isn’t your exact color scheme, look for the elements that make it attractive to you, and apply those to your own design. You  don’t want your wedding to look like someone else’s photo spread—instead, choose elements that you can make your own!

Be Flexible
You don’t have to carbon copy a design concept to make it your own. Take a picture of that stunning Martha Stewart bouquet into your florist—but be prepared for sticker shock if you’re on a tight budget! If you can’t swing $400 on that bouquet of your dreams, ask your florist to substitute some blooms.  Does that silk and orchid covered chuppa make your head spin with bridal delight? If it’s not within your budget to have one professionally made, seek out a friend or family member who could construct one, and substitute more reasonable fabric and floral accents.

Using inspiration will give you lots of elements to pull into your own design concept, while imitation will make you feel restricted and cookie cutter—so go out and be inspired! (and send us pictures—we’d love to see the results!)