Whether you’re on a $15,000 budget, a $50,000 budget, or a $150,000 budget, no one wants to spend more than they have to on wedding essentials. So if you’re heading out for some holiday shopping deals, don’t forget to pick up some great deals for your wedding, too!

If you’re providing the alcoohol for your wedding—which many of my brides are lucky to be able to do—you can save yourself a ton of money on beverage costs. If you’re considering offering a champagne toast for all of your guests, the peak time to buy is coming up! Keep your eye on the shelves and you’ll notice Champagne (and sparkling wine) takes a drastic plunge in price between Christmas and New Years Eve! So if you’re planning on stocking up on bubbly, head out during the holidays, stock your cart, and save yourself some much-needed money!

Stay tuned next week for a great book giveaway, just in time for holiday entertaining!