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As a wedding+event planner, I often turn into the go-to gal for etiquette info with friends and family. Over the holiday, one of my relatives brought out a wedding invitation she recently received and as it got passed around it became a topic of debate, until it finally made it into my hands for a final verdict.

The scenario: The very lovely invitation included not one, not two, but three registry cards from various retailers. One was even nice enough to include a coupon.  The question that arose—is this acceptable?

The verdict: Absolutely not. You should never include any mention of gifts in your wedding invitations. This is acceptable in shower invitations, but not in the actual wedding invites. You can also include this information on a wedding website!

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  • Jessica Lynn says:

    ohhh i have to admit that I didn’t follow etiquette on this one. We had a lot of older guests on our guest list, some that don’t really use store websites to look up registries. So for them, I included the registry cards. I hope that they found it useful!

  • Thanks for sharing Jessica—You’re definitely not alone! A lot of “formal” rules of etiquette are no longer observed, and ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what is best for you and your guests! You bring up a great point about older guests—couples also need to be aware of how many older guests they have, in correllation to the number of gifts they are registered for that can ONLY be purchased online. You definitely have to accommodate guests of all ages!

  • Thanks Jessica! This made me smile!

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