How did you get started in graphic design+invitation design?
I went to Calvin College for Graphic Design, and have been working ever since as a Graphic Designer for a local newspaper company and more recently, designing wedding invitations. About five years ago I started designing invitations for some family members and then myself, then I gradually had more and more brides ask if I would be willing to design their invitations. And so it started…

Explain your design process+how you work with brides:
After a bride contacts me (either by phone or email), I set up a time to meet and go over ideas, colors, wording, pricing, etc. A $50 deposit is required (cash or check is acceptable). Then after all the details have been determined, I order sample paper & ribbon and put a sample invitation (or program) together and send it in the mail to the bride. The bride then contacts me with any changes and I can either email another sample, or to reassure the bride, I would mail another sample. Then I start printing once I get a final “OK”. The remaining balance is due when the invitations/programs are picked up. For out-of-area brides I can ship the invitations/programs and shipping costs would just be added to the final bill.

What do you like best about designing wedding invitations?
I love to see all the different ideas that brides have for their weddings. And I LOVE that I can help brides with a unique invitation that fits their personality or theme.

Do you have a favorite style or current trend?
I have recently fallen in love with anything and everything “vintage”. I love vintage dresses, decor, and of course, vintage-looking invitations. It’s fun, and I love the challenge of making things appear like they came from so long ago.

What is your favorite way to spend the day when you’re not designing?
I enjoy hanging out with my husband and my son, and I know this sounds crazy, but I love to clean the house!

Thanks to Tara of La Stellina Studio for a wonderful meeting, and for sharing a little about herself and her beautiful work with our readers!