fave of 08::bright+bold color combo

Tracy+David hired me to help them with their decor, and I had an amazing time helping them put together a design concept using their bright+bold color combo of pink+orange! Along with the fun color combo, Tracy also wanted to incorporate crystals as an accent. We brought color into Foundry Hall with HUGE pink+orange paper lanterns (you can’t tell, but they were about 3 feet in diameter), bright pink table runners, and pink+orange rose petals.

To tie in the crystals, we used swarovski scatter crystals on the table (I love these!) and also used crystal tree centerpieces on the two larger tables. All in all, this setup was one of my favorites, despite it being one of our most difficult of the year, having to secure the 20+ huge lanterns into the beams of Foundry Hall! Well worth it—this wedding was gorgeous!

*Photos by JK Photography

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  • Lynn says:

    Wow, these colors are incredible together….all those pictures are so yummy!

    Just wanted to take a second and leave you a note to let you know I’ve been reading your blog. I actually found you through twitter a few days ago through some other MI planners. I have a photography business based in Grosse Pointe, but we have a June wedding this summer in St. Joseph and we are SO excited for it. Hopefully it will be the first of more, we love that area. 🙂

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