(picture via Toasts & Tables)

You don’t have to grow your own flowers to be eco-friendly. You can, but I don’t necessarily suggest it, especially here in Michigan! Here are a few tips to making your wedding flowers more green:

REDUCE::Cut down on your florals, choose smaller arrangements or opt for silk flowers!

REUSE::When picking out your florals, let your florist know you want to incorporate the same floral pieces in both your ceremony and reception. Have your ceremony pieces designed with their 2nd home at the reception in mind! For reception centerpieces, opt for clusters of potted plants, as shown above!

RECYCLE::After the wedding, donate your florals to a local retirement home, hospital or office building. Any of them would be happy for the splash of color and your flowers will live on after your reception! Be sure to assign this task to someone ahead of time!

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