This weekend will be one of the few that I will be officially out of office, unplugged and disconnected! My husband is taking me to Chicago this weekend for my birthday and I’m looking forward to 3 days filled with some of my favorite places. I love Chicago, and it’s one of my favorite locations for a weekend mini-vacation since it’s less than 2 hrs (and a grand total of $14) to hop on the train and get dropped off right downtown.

We’ll be in town until Sunday and I have a long list of must-sees including the Museum of Science and Industry, Crate & Barrel, Navy Pier and (drum roll please)…The Cheesecake Factory! I can’t remember a time I’ve ever ventured into Chicago and NOT stopped at the Cheesecake Factory. I’m also excited for a few new places we plan on going to including a fondue restaurant that Megan, my May 16th bride suggested! It will be my first fondue experience and I have been excited about it for way too long, so you can expect a full update! Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll be back on Monday!