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I love coming across fun and unique ways to set a wedding apart, and if it lends entertainment for your guests as well, even better!

Check out these Wedding Trees from Melangerie on Etsy. The colorful tree will entertain your guests by showing them who’s a family member, childhood friend, co-worker, etc., and they are coordinated to your wedding colors! This would look awesome framed and set at your escort card table, or you can even have these printed into custom place mats. Perfect for a fun and funky wedding reception, and I know I would personally sit and look at these all night!

What are you doing to make your wedding unique?

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  • I love that! I’ve seen a couple family trees like that, but this one is loads cuter. I like how they incorporated the friends names into the design as well, and the color-coordinated leaves = brilliant. What a great first piece of artwork for a new family!

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