tidâ‹…bit [tid-bit]

1. a choice or pleasing bite of anything, such as news or gossip
2. Tidbit Friday::a small, but useful tidbit of information or inspiration

bustle(L-R: Kelly Powers Photography, Jen Kroll Photography (courtesy of Aletha), Kelly Powers Photography)

Tips for a hassle-free bustle

1.  Make sure whoever will be bustling your dress will be at your final fitting. As the bride, you will be trapped in your dress and unable to offer assistance when your dress is being bustled the day-of. Plus, you don’t need that stress—leave it to your bridesmaid!

2.  Have your seamstress color code the ribbons or loops she sews into your dress. This way you only have to match up the colors and there’s no question if the right spots are being tied together. Trust me, this will save you a lot of hassle, because even though your bridesmaid may say she has bustled a dress before, every seamstress tends to do them differently, and there are many styles of bustles!