On Saturday we have our first wedding of the season with Megan+Greg at Mill Creek Barns. Megan is so fun & sweet and has been such a joy to work with & get to know over the last 8 months! She has put so much time and thought into all of her details, including bringing in a photographer all the way from Abilene, Texas. I’m always curious to work with someone new for the first time, so of course I headed over to their website to snoop, and I was not disappointed by what I found!  Fun, funky and modern, this husband & wife photography team is a perfect fit for Megan+Greg! A quick internet-introduction later, and I have some absolutely gorgeous pictures to share from Two Pair Photography. Visit their Website and Blog to learn more about this fun & talented pair of photographers!


Thanks Tressie & Chad for sharing your beautiful work with the Stella blog readers! We’re looking forward to sharing Megan+Greg’s fabulous wedding day with you this weekend!

P.S.  How fantastic are those bridesmaids dresses?! I absolutely love the blue with the sheer black overlay—so incredibly lovely!