candybar(amazing confections by Amy Atlas)

The other day at the hair salon, I overheard a bride-to-be and her friend chatting, and it got me thinking. The bride-to-be wanted to have a candy bar at her reception, and she was super excited about it. REALLY excited about it. Her friend proceeded to warn her that she had read Candy Bars were no longer ‘in,’ or a popular thing to do, and I could immediately see the bride was losing her excitement now that she had received her friends disapproval.

Brides… if you like it, DO IT! Don’t let a friend, national magazine or blog written by one person tell you not to do something you like, that will make your wedding personal or special to you. Trends are different everywhere, and just because it may be “so last week” to one person, it doesn’t have to be to you. The fact is, while I’ve heard over and over that candy bars are “over” on the west coast, the trend started here in the midwest much later, and I still run into tons of brides locally who have never even HEARD of a candy bar—let alone all the guests who have never seen one! So the moral of the story (no it’s not to get yourself a candy buffet)… Go with your instincts, don’t seek approval for every decision you make, and remember that when it comes to what you want for your wedding, YOU are the expert!