This weekend we got the chance to get our whole summer team together before wedding season starts for some team bonding, orientation and fun.  I thought a fun way for Mary and I to get to know the new interns better and have some fun would be to do a little photo shoot for some sassy new head shots.  So we enlisted the help of local Mary Kay gal Katie, who pampered and primped us before sending us off (looking glam) for our photos with Southwest Michigan photographer Ben Pancoast. Here are just a few…we had so much fun and I’m so glad we decided to do this with the whole Stella Team!

southwest michigan wedding planner

After a week of beautiful weather, it was windy and cold on Saturday, but we thought warm thoughts, and laughed a lot to keep warm. It’s hard to believe all 4 of the great locations we shot at were within 5 minutes of downtown St. Joseph. It just shows you don’t have to go far to get great shots and fun locations when you take your wedding pictures. Think outside of the box! This beautiful meadow shot was actually along the side a new real estate development, but you’d never know! After finishing up at Tiscornia Beach with our lighthouse shots, we decided that we’d brave the 50 degree weather and trek down by the water for some final shots at the waters edge (this one was for fun!). We didn’t have a single team member fall in the lake, so I’d call that a successful day! A huge thanks to Ben Pancoast for trekking around with us and taking some fabulous photos!