(Sakura Photography*)

While planning Megan+Gregs wedding (see the results below!) one thing Megan and I discussed was the gap of time between her ceremony and reception. Because of restrictions on the time she could get married at the church, she was left with a 2 hour gap between the end of the ceremony and the beginning of cocktail hour at Mill Creek Barns. Going along with all of the other fun touches she brought to her wedding, Megan wanted to offer something special to her guests to pass the time and encourage them to explore downtown St. Joseph. I spoke with the Chocolate Cafe, a local confection shop, to arrange for vouchers for each guest to get an ice cream cone, courtesy of the bride and groom. The certificates were handed to guests by the bridal party as they left the ceremony and each one read (written by Megan):

“You sat through the ceremony, that’s quite a feat
You’re probably hungry for something to eat
So head downtown for a delicious confection
While we take some pictures before the reception!”

So cute. We weren’t sure what the response would be, but I stopped by the Chocolate Cafe today and found out that 110 of the 145 guests stopped in to enjoy their ice cream cones, including the entire bridal party. Such a huge hit and it worked exactly like we hoped, drawing people into downtown to kill some time. If you have out of town guests, take into consideration any substantial gaps in your wedding day schedule. Provide them with information on local attractions, restaurants, or children’s museums for the younger guests! They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness and it will be one more way they can enjoy your wedding weekend!

A big thanks to The Chocolate Cafe in downtown St. Joe for being so accommodating in making Megan+Gregs ice cream hopes a reality! Check them out for awesome favor ideas including candy apples, caramel corn mixes, chocolates and even chocolate covered wine bottles (more on that later!)

*Picture shown is not Megan+Greg, but we’ll get their happy, ice cream-covered faces on the blog asap!