MWEP is a state group called Michigan Wedding & Event Professionals. Last night they had the first Kalamazoo event and I’m so glad I decided to go. Like most wedding networking events, the group was comprised of a TON of photographers and a handful of event planners, which I don’t mind at all, because photographers are great to get to know and always so nice (plus as a planner we have a lot of interaction with them at the wedding so it’s nice to know the  photographers!) and the other planners that attended were all wonderful and fun to chat with.

So I thought I’d share a few of the great people I met last night:


Cindy Corstange (The Open Shuter)::I actually have a client who booked Cindy for an incredible wedding on the lake in June, and it was so nice to fill her in on all of the planning & the fabulous details—she has such a bubbly and energetic personality, I’m excited to work with her!


Carrie Miles (Carrie Miles Photography)::Carrie and I quickly got to chatting over our lemonade and shirley temples! She’s very relaxed and easy to talk to and would be wonderful to have on hand at your wedding day, or for an engagement shoot!  Check out some of her beautiful photos.


Melissa Gergersen (Melissa Gregersen Photography)::Melissa and I internet-met a few weeks ago when I came across some pictures of her adorable new studio space! It’s got all of my favorite things—pink-ness, IKEA goods galore, and beautiful photos. Check out more of her work by visiting her website!

These are just a few and it was so nice meeting everyone and getting to catch up with a few people I knew there! So many wonderful people working in the wedding industry, and so nice to get to chat with everyone!