the hustle  jelly roll blues band  first dance 

Dancing has been a huge part of my life since I was young.  Throughout high school I spent countless hours in dance class, was on competitive dance teams and even now I’m likely to bust a move down the aisle of any given store.  It’s no wonder I’ve thought a lot about how dancing can be incorporated into weddings. 

Without music there is no dancing.  Given that fact, the first consideration for any bride who wants dancing at her wedding is who will provide the music.  The option for most brides is either a live band or a DJ.  Some brides have a very strong preference for one or the other.  Whatever your preference, be sure to check out their references and even better, see if you can arrange to watch them perform at one of their wedding gigs.  Think about the type of music you would like played at your wedding.  This should help in determining who you hire.  Take time to discuss with the band leader or DJ specific songs you would like played and any songs you do not want played.  Even address your expectation of dress.  If you don’t want them to show up in jeans and t-shirts, tell them.  Finally, plan ahead, book early and get all costs and expectations in writing.

Once you’ve got the music in place it’s time to think about DANCING!  Usually the bride and groom kick the dancing off with their first dance as husband and wife.  You may even consider taking a few lessons prior to your wedding so that you “look good” for your first dance as Mr. and Mrs.  There are many entertaining and ingenious ways to get your guests excited about dancing.  While you may enjoy a traditional wedding waltz for your first dance, many couples are changing the tempo mid-dance and busting out Michael Jackson type moves.  Google wedding dances on you-tube for some very funny and entertaining ideas.  Your guests will love the element of surprise.

You can also get your wedding party involved by choreographing a dance involving the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You’ll have a blast dancing together before the wedding and your guests will enjoy lots of laughs as they watch many of the groomsmen give their first ever dance performance.  Seriously, it’s a great way to get everyone on the dance floor.

It’s your wedding day……dance like no one’s watching!

*Photos courtesy of Stella Event Design