I just love these cute table markers! Incorporating a theme into your table names is another way to make your own personality shine through at your wedding. A few of my favorite from this summer so far:

Megan+Greg | Mill Creek Barns:: Each table was named after an “adventure” the couple went on, complete with a picture of them at the location. They had 20+ tables, so this was one adventurous couple!

Kate+Mitch | The Heritage Center:: Each table had a black and white picture of a landmark in Chicago, where the couple lives!

Jessica+Bryan | The Veranda at the Whitcomb:: This couple tied in their beachy motif by naming each table after a Michigan beach

Lisa+Bart | Blue Dress Barn:: A picture of the couple’s adorable dog adorned each table—these were too cute!

Carrie+Adam | Mill Creek Barns:: Each table was hosted by the couple married the longest, complete with a wedding picture and a fun or quirky fact about them! I definitely caught guests snatching these at the end of the night!

Quick Tip:: If you have more than 12 tables at your reception, I would suggest incorporating an actual table number into your design. This way, your guests won’t be wandering aimlessly as they try to find their table!

*photos by JK Photography