If you’re currently planning your Michigan wedding, you may be wondering if and why you would need a wedding planner and what the difference is between all of the different levels of planning and types of coordination out there! Hopefully I can clear this all up for you with our new blog series, “The 5 W’s of  Professional Wedding Planning.”

First, let’s clear up a few myths on WHO hires a wedding planner—Hiring a wedding planner does not mean you are disorganized, it doesn’t mean that you are uncreative, or that you don’t know what you want. It also doesn’t mean that you need to have an outrageous wedding budget, or that you will lose control of your wedding. Most of our brides are extremely organized and have a very clear vision of what they want for their wedding day. It always surprises me how many people ask me , “are your clients like those crazy brides on tv?” It makes me laugh, because season after season the brides we work with continue to be some of the most fun and kind ladies out there!

Stay tuned as we cover WHO hires a wedding planner, WHAT a wedding planner or coordinator can and can’t help you with, WHERE you will and won’t find help planning your wedding, WHEN to reach out for help, and WHY a professional wedding planner will make your wedding a day you can enjoy!

Posts in This Blog Series:

  • WHAT Does a Professional Wedding Planner Do?
  • WHO hires a wedding planner?
  • WHEN should I Reach out For Help?
  • WHY you should hire a professional
  • WHERE you will and won’t find help