Monica Zibutis, a fabulous photographer in our area, recently posted the wedding of Beth & Joel, and while there were a lot of things to love about this beautiful wedding, the thing that really grabbed me were the bridesmaids dresses! I, like many people, have been told each and every time I donned a bridesmaid dress, “Oh, you can definitely wear it again!” And I really don’t think anyone was intentionally lying to me—I’ve worn some beautiful ‘maids dresses, but I have never, not even once, worn any of them again. There is just always something about the formality, the material, the heaviness or the color—I’m a pretty big believer in the bridesmaid dress being a one-time-use kind of outfit, and why not, it’s your wedding day! It’s worth a $200 one-time dress! But when I saw these dresses I immediately thought, “that would be such a cute New Years Eve outfit!”


I could also see wearing it to  a Christmas party or other holiday—it’s beautiful, and the shiny silver polka dots add an extra sparkle that would not lead anyone to think you’re wearing a bridesmaids dress. Love it. So if you’re still searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses and you would like your girls to get to wear them again, consider looking at cocktail dresses and other non-bridal selections—you could save your ‘maids money and get them a two-time outfit!