If you just got engaged or are in the process of planning your wedding, here is a quick and simple tip to help you relieve some of the clutter in your life. Establish a new email address just for wedding planning purposes. While it may seem like just one more thing to do, creating a dedicated email address will allow you to have a single point of contact for all of your wedding vendors. I would suggest using Gmail, and creating separate tags or folders for each vendor, so that when you need to verify something, you can turn to that one spot for all of the correspondences. And one of the biggest sanity-savers is using this email address when you attend bridal shows. Every booth will want your contact info for giveaways and specials, and while that is great, you do not want to continue receiving those for the rest of your life—and believe me—you will!

So hop over to Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail and get started!