When brides come to their consultations armed with “inspiration,” I love it!  Because while a bride may say, “I want a simple, modern look,” that can mean a lot of different things to different people. One brides ‘simple’ chandelier is another brides gaudy nightmare. This weekend I met with a super fun 2010 bride who brought her own inspiration ammunition—but what I loved about it was that there wasn’t a single image from a wedding in her pile of pictures. She brought photos of paintings, pieces of art, fabrics, book covers and patterns. It all fit together perfectly and helped her to describe the “feeling” she hoped to create for her day. And I got it. I left her consultation feeling confident that I had a grasp on the very special style she hoped to reflect at her wedding.

While you may see “inspiration boards” everywhere covered in pictures of centerpieces, linens, color combos and dresses, remember that our wedding inspiration can come from anywhere! Whether it be wedding pictures, a piece of art, an amazing swatch of fabric or the lyrics to a song—use whatever you can, to develop a clear vision for your wedding style!

photo sources: antique books, letter, veil, painting, plates