This time of year, many newly engaged couples are coming in for consultation, and one question I hear a lot from brides is, “how involved are most grooms?” Some grooms come in-tow to our consultations, some I meet once, and will not see again until the wedding day—and once in a while, I get more emails from the groom than the bride (once in a while).

The truth is, it’s going to depend on your grooms personality. Let’s face it, most guys are not interested in choosing color palettes, browsing through linen swatches, or picking peonies in that perfect shade of coral. If having your groom involved is important to you, then a good way to get him interested is to give him control of some aspect of the wedding. Two go-to choices are food and entertainment, and the latter is one I see many grooms get excited about. While it may be tempting to do everything yourself, putting the band selection, DJ interview process or meal choices in the capable hands of your groom may be a great way to take something off of your long to-do list, while making him feel included in the planning process!