bridalpartyWhen choosing your bridal party, you probably have a long roster to choose from: high school friends, sorority sisters and fraternity brothers, co-workers, cousins, siblings, soon-to-be-siblings….your list may be daunting!  So what is the ideal size for your bridal party? The truth is, there is no magic number—your bridal party should be the right size for you and your wedding style and location.

A smaller bridal party may suit you best if you are having a destination wedding or are on a limited budget. Are you getting married in a location with limited altar space? If so, perhaps a smaller party is the best choice for you. Are you having trouble choosing between your friends, sisters and co-workers? Perhaps choosing only family members will make the choice easier for you.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding or a non-traditional ceremony, then perhaps a large bridal party is a great option for you! When considering how your bridal party size will affect your wedding, consider the cost of bridal party gifts, transportation costs (if you will be renting a limo or shuttle) and the size/placement of your head table, if you’ll have one!

Photo of the large (and fabulous) 2008 bridal party of Tracy+David, by JK Photography