If you’re recently engaged, you may already be realizing how much is involved in planning a wedding! The average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan—that’s like another full time job for over 6 weeks—so between your normal work , family and social obligations, some people can become overwhelmed with how they can plan their wedding and enjoy it!

So if you’re considering using a professional wedding planner, or would like more information on if a wedding planner could be right for you, how a wedding planner can help you enjoy planning your wedding, when you should hire them, and more—then check out our “5 W’s of Wedding Planning” series!

The 5 W’s of Wedding Planning

  • WHAT does a Professional Wedding Planner Do?
  • WHO needs a wedding planner?
  • WHEN should I Reach out For Help?
  • WHY you should hire a professional
  • WHERE you will and won’t find help