One of the things I was most excited to see this year at the Wedding World bridal expo, was the brand new Mod Photo Booth, created by Jennifer Mayo Studios. Now I know there are a lot of photo booths out there, but I have yet to come across one that can compare to the beautiful look and quality of this one (check out the picture below)! It’s not your black, boxy photo booth—it’s elegant, sleek, and sexy (go figure, a sexy photo booth!) The picture quality is also fantastic—I have several recent strips from photo booths, and the pictures I got from the Mod Photo Booth when I tried it out at the bridal expo were fabulous (you can see my less-than-stellar posing skills on the left!)

So if you’re in the market for a really fun favor for your wedding or special event–that people won’t throw away–then check out the Mod website, and read below for all of the details on Mod and what makes it unique!


What makes Mod different?
Mod utilizes the same line of Canon EOS professional digital SLR camera equipment that Jennifer May Studios uses to photograph high-end weddings. You will not find any point-and-shoots here. Each 10 megapixel photograph from a photo booth session is saved individually and into a separate file on each event-specific custom print design for reprints that can be made at a later time.

The photo booth also utilizes the same type of softbox lighting used in professional photography studios. The large strobe softbox provides a modeling light so that visitors are never left in the dark during their photo booth session and the light provides soft, flattering light unlike the small flash incorporated into most mainstream photo booths.

How does it work?
Each photo session is controlled by a 21” touchscreen monitor. Visitors can select color or black-and-white photos and choose how many prints they want printed at the completion of the session. The monitor also serves a mirror so guests can see exactly what the camera sees through Canon’s live view technology.

At the completion of each session, prints from Mod’s commercial-grade dye sublimation photo printer are printed in about 25 seconds each and can be retrieved through the photo slot on the exterior of the booth so that the next group of guests can start their photo booth session. Unlike many of the ink jet printers used by some photo booths, the commercial printer used in the Mod booth delivers prints in only seconds, prints are completely dry, prints are archival rated so they will not fade over time, and the specific printer line used by Mod is the only dye sublimation series that can provide a matte finish similar to the luster paper used by most professional photographers.

After each event, the bride and groom or guest of honor receives a disk with all of the original photos and print layouts in full and web resolution for printing, viewing and social networking. Clients also receive a login so guests can access all the images online and place orders for reprints if desired.

Find out more @ www.modphotobooth.com