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Who says you need to wear white on your wedding day? Some brides are saying no to the traditional white wedding gown and are saying yes to bold and unique color! Dresses come in all different styles and all different colors, so if you’d like to step outside the norm and add some unique flair to your wedding, consider adding a bold pop of color to your wedding day attire.

Or, if you’d like to incorporate color, but not in such a bold way, then pastels, lighter shades, and accent pieces are also a great way to express your individual style. Your wedding dress will be front and center in most photos and is a unique part of you and your wedding. so express yourself and your unique style by opting to rock a not-so-white frock!

Still a little too much for your taste? Add a touch of color by finding a fabulous pair of colored shoes, pairing bold colored accessories with a traditional white gown, or opting for a colored sash!

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Posted by:: Kelsey (event assistant)