I love that brides are opting to ditch the traditional veil, and are choosing alternate pieces that reflect their style. You can still look chic and stylish and still look like a bride without the bulk of a veil. Opt for a decorative hair accessory that compliments your wedding style and location. These looks can range from vintage & classic to modern & chic.

There are many options for sprucing up your hair on your big day. You can use flowers–real or fake, big or small–for that extra bit of detail. Ribbon, feathers, headbands, and jewels or pearls can also do the trick. Simply pin these accents alongside a fabulous up-do to emphasize its shape. Display a dramatic flower over one ear for a more exotic and beachside look. A hair accent is the perfect option for a wedding on the lake, as the traditional veil can quickly turn into a picture nightmare when paired with a gust of wind!

Still one for tradition and not quite ready to ditch the veil all together? Simply add a modern twist. Couple your veil with an accessory—a great looking clip to attach the veil or small, enhanced bobby pins to hold your hair for a hint of pizazz. Bring a little color into your white wedding with a small pop of color through these accessories, or keep it monochromatic white for a more classic look.

Don’t feel like you are obligated to wear the standard veil—look into alternate hair accessories that really make your personality shine, and give you confidence in walking down that aisle with an amazing look!

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Posted by:: Gina (event assistant)