A guest book is a great way for family and friends to share best wishes with you and congratulate you on your special day.  Usually filled with quotes of wisdom, loving words, and fun stories about, having a guest book is a great way to remember those who shared the wonderful moments with you on your wedding day!

As I was looking through pictures of some past Stella weddings, I saw a photo of a frame with the couple’s photo and a pen provided for people to write on the mat around the couples engagement photo. It was such a cute way to have all the people’s loving words in one place and could easily be hung somewhere for everyone to see. This got me thinking about other possible ideas for alternatives to the  traditional guest book.

  • ceramic cups, bowls, plates or vases that can be signed by guests and then later used by the couple
  • individual cards and envelopes that guest could write private messages in and stick them in a decorated basket or box for them to read later
  • signing a bottle of wine that will be drank at the wedding in a silver pen to keep the memory of that night
  • having a blank paged book and having either a photo booth or a Polaroid camera for them to take a picture and then write something next to the picture like a scrapbook style guest book
  • creating a paint by numbers canvas and invite guests to each paint a small section creating a unique wedding memento
  • supplying an old type writer and having guests type lovely words and contact information on note cards

These are just some of many ideas that you can take into consideration when planning a fun and creative way for guests to give their love, share fun stories, or congratulate the bride and groom!

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Posted by::Kelsey (event assistant)