At a recent wedding I attended in the Grand Rapids area I was introduced to something I had never seen before at the reception. As we entered the reception area two pianos were set up facing each other. There was no DJ or even a band, but  instead the bride and groom opted for dueling pianos! At first I was a little skeptical, thinking to myself  ‘piano music all night? I don’t know…’, but after I listened for a while and realized how amazing the pianists were I completely changed my mind.

They played some great classic songs with some fast and some slow. On top of their impressive piano skills their vocal skills were amazing as well! They had everyone on their feet all night! Also, on certain numbers a few guests joined in, playing the drums, saxophone and even at one point a trumpet! It was such a creative and fun element of entertainment to have at the reception. If you’re thinking of a great way to liven up your wedding reception, I highly suggest a dueling piano musical experience. Check out local venues, bars, and restaurants for potential entertainment as well as online for local pianists and you (and your guests) will be glad you did!

Posted by: Kelsey (Event Assistant)