This week we’re starting a new blog series on Michigan beach weddings! We plan 15-20 beach ceremonies each summer and we want brides to be prepared and knowledgeable before deciding if this is the right option for them! Because while beach weddings are certainly some of the most beautiful, they are certainly not for every bride!

So first up, let’s talk about your expectations for a beach wedding. We all know what that idyllic magazine beach wedding looks like— a beautiful stretch of beach, an elegant fabric covered canopy blowing in the breeze, the soft strum of guitar as the bride descends barefoot across the sand—just you and your guests, the soft waves of Lake Michigan and not another soul for miles. Who wouldn’t want to be the bride in this beautiful picture?!

Stay tuned this week and next as we cover the realities of a beach wedding (you can certainly have that idyllic day!)—what to expect, how to prepare, finding the perfect spot, time considerations, what to wear, restrictions & ordinances, weather worries and budget considerations. We’ll share real examples from beach weddings we’ve planned and coordinated, and help you determine if a beach wedding is the right fit for you!

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Photo by Jennifer Mayo Studios