Last week it rained and snowed in the same week—if you know Michigan, you know that the weather is unpredictable! So if you’re planning a beach wedding, you also need to consider what you’ll do in case of inclement weather. Will you reserve a nearby pavilion? Will you use your reception location as your back-up? Will you cross your fingers and pray for sunshine? (I don’t suggest the latter)

Some ideas for back-up locations:

  • Your reception venue
  • A local art gallery
  • A covered pavilion (many local beaches have these)
  • Your local church
  • A museum

One thing I always tell brides and grooms to keep in mind, is that a summer rain storm rarely lasts all day. An optimistic spirit comes in handy if you’re thinking of a beach wedding! We’ve had a handful of weddings where the day has started off with thunder storms….after hours of rain the sun comes out, our staff dries off ceremony chairs, sets up decor last minute (so it isn’t destroyed in the rain) and the ceremony can still go on as planned! So if you wake up to storm clouds on your wedding day, don’t give up just yet—-you very well may still have that beach wedding you’ve dreamed of!

Rain isn’t the only weather culprit at a beach wedding….a sweltering hot day can make 100 guests sitting out on the beach WISH for a downpour! Consider providing your guests with paper fans, sun parasols or battery-operated handheld fans to keep them cool and comfortable! Because the last thing you want during your vows is Great Aunt Mary passing out!  (More “Michigan Beach Weddings 101”–The Dream, Location)

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Photos by Haylee Dixon Photography, from the beach wedding of Jenny+Spencer