Tips on having (or not having) children at your wedding

Many brides and grooms have chosen to have their receptions be “adult only,” in other words, no children! Some do it because it saves money, or keeps the guest count low and others do it because they just don’t want to have to worry about the screaming or crying that comes along with little kids in uncomfortable formal wear.  Below are some tips on how to approach the “adult-only” reception, and how to accommodate children if they do attend!

In the Invitation…

Opt for inner and outer envelopes, and when addressing them, put only the adult names on the inner envelope. Hopefully, this should be a red flag that children aren’t invited.  However, some people will write in their children’s names anyway and send it back to you, so if this is the case, then a polite phone call is best, explaining that it is an adult only reception.

Bring on the Babysitter…

If the parent’s still want to bring their children with them, especially if it is long distance, think about providing babysitters. At Stella Event Design, we have provided brides with recommended babysitters that can come to the hotel to take care of the kids for the night, whether it is a babysitter per room or a couple of babysitters for all the children of the guests. It gives the parents the opportunity to bring kids along, while still enjoying the party!

Kids Table…

If you do want children at your wedding, consider having an all kids table. This can be a lot of fun for you to create as well as for the little guests. I see it as butcher paper instead of a rented table cloth and crayons (wont mess up little dresses or suits). You can also provide each child with their own container of games, coloring books, and other knick nacks. This will provide hours of entertainment for the little ones and the activities in the fun kit can match your wedding colors and theme. Even though entertainment is provided, there are always the children that have separation anxiety and will sit by their parents no matter what. If your venue offers a separate space, you can even think about having kids in a separate room with their own party…kid-friendly foods, games, entertainment, and of course childcare, so mom and dad can enjoy the “adult” reception!

Kid friendly food…

Ask your caterer if they can make special meals for the children attending such as macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, etc. How many children really want roasted chicken and seasonal veggies? They’ll get to eat what they like and you’ll get to save on your food costs!

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