Originally part of a traditional wedding, many couples are now opting to not do a receiving line.  If you’re on the fence on receiving your guests, check out a few pros & cons to see if it’s a good fit for you:


  • You and your new groom are able to greet older guests that might not stay later into the night (they love that!)
  • You get to personally greet and thank guests for coming, especially guests you are meeting for the first time from your new side of the family, and you have a chance to be introduced by your new in-laws


  • If it is an outdoor wedding, guests can get very hot and uncomfortable during the ceremony and standing in line could be torturous (especially for the elderly or young children). This is especially true for beach weddings on a beautiful (hot) summer day!
  • With large parties, it could take a very long time to get through everyone, and you always get chatty guests who hold up the line.

Tips to a successful receiving line:

  • If your ceremony/cocktail hour/reception is outside, make sure the place you pick to start the receiving line is in the shade. The other option is to start the line as guests enter the reception area which will also help guide guests to their tables or escort cards
  • Set a time limit! Only greet guests for 20-45 mins and if you are at the reception venue, ask the family to help escort and direct guests to their tables at the reception. This will help keep your party on time and a timely wedding makes guests (and vendors) happy!
  • Shorten your receiving line by only having you, your groom, and your parents greet guests. This will help move things along, as guests won’t have to stop to greet bridal party members as well!

Posted by Kayla Weems (Event Assistant)